Who we are

Èlever Center Coworking Clínico is born to form a Niche Community of specialists in integral and organizational health who complement each other. Our focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle, with a multidisciplinary offer aimed at leading the way in treatments, therapies, and patient care, as well as becoming the preferred place for our members and their patients.
We are a welcoming, confidential, and comfortable place where everyone's well-being is always the priority. But more than space, we are a community that believes in collaborative work and supports the personal and professional growth of all its members.


To foster collaboration and exchange of experiences among professionals in integral and organizational health, with the purpose of adding value to our coworkers.


To go beyond a physical space and become the preferred place for our clients, where they can attend to their patients in a welcoming, professional, and safe environment. To create connections and exchange experiences among professionals that add value to our community formed by specialists from different disciplines related to integral and organizational health.

Our team

Alyssa Lince
Senior Partner
Alyssa Lince
Maria Mercedes
General Manager
Maria Mercedes Rabat
Mariangela Torrealba
Community Manager
Mariangela Torrealba

Association members